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Divorce Mediation Illinois
Family, property, maintenance, (alimony), parentage, child custody and visitation issues

Divorce Mediation Illinois

**** PLEASE NOTE: George Rashid is not currently accepting mediaton cases. ****

Welcome to the Internet site of George J. Rashid, a Mediator in Chicago, Illinois, who focuses on divorce, family, property, maintenance (alimony), child custody, and visitation mediation issues.

Family and divorce mediation is a voluntary process where people work together to resolve their differences and come to an agreement. Family and divorce mediation is usually preferable to litigating the issues before a judge, as divorce mediation is often less costly, takes less time, and brings people together as opposed to driving them apart.

If you are considering divorce, or if you are already divorced, but have post-divorce issues (such as visitation, custody, and support), you may decide that mediation of the issues with your spouse before going to court is preferable. If this is the case, I can help you and your spouse come to an agreement.

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Divorce Mediator
Chicago Illinois

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